Blowing - Filling - Capping 5-12L Ultra-clean block for production from 2400 bph(5L) to 1600 bph(12L)
After 150 5Lt-5G lines installed worldwide, the mission of Bardi into the big format market for still water goes on with CombiFlex, the first linear and ultra-clean blowing-filling-capping combined solution for 5-12 Lt PET containers.
This product, which combines 3 linear machines, has been developed according to 3 main guide-lines:
  • Flexibility: automatic change-over to switch from 5 to 12 Litres
  • Compactness: no conveyors between blower and filler
  • Hygienic design: ultra-clean blowing machine combined with ISO5 filling-capping bloc

Man labour
(Easily manage blower and filling-capping bloc)

Working area
(Optimization of the required area)