Junior 300

The expertise and know-how acquired producing 5 Gallons lines for high volume has been applied to the new Junior 300, suitable for output from 100 to 300 b/h, for bottles from 5 Lt to 5 Gallons.
The Junior 300 Washer has the following main features:
  • It is designed for 5 washing treatment.
  • It can manage 5 litres to 5Gallons bottles.
  • Automatic bottle inload and outload.
  • Neck handling of the bottle by patented grippers.
  • Rotary and self-cleaning nozzles (Patented).
  • Lack of point with water stagnation.
  • Automatic disinfection of the rinsing area.
  • Easy access for ordinary maintenance.
  • Change-over easy and with no downtimes.
Bardi fillers for still water in large containers fulfills the following requirements:
  • The filling process is electronically controlled to ensure into the bottle the predetermined volume of water.
  • The filling valve and all the piping, valves etc. in contact with the product have a sanitary design and are made of aisi 316 S.S.
  • All parts in contact with the product are prearranged for 3 or 5 steps CIP (cleaning in place) sterilization treatment.
  • The filling cabinet is equipped with overpressure air flow. A minimum class 1000 air filtration is guaranteed, so as to protect the filling environment from the external ambient contamination.
  • The washer and filler is "in block" in order to avoid the potential contamination of the clean bottles travelling from the washer outlet to the filling area.
The PRESS-ON CAPPER is a linear machine used for caps applied on the bottle by pressure. It includes:
  • Cap hopper
  • Canal chute
  • Placing system of cap on the neck
  • Device to snap the cap on the neck
  • Specific systems to sterilize the caps in order to avoid the contact of contaminating agents present on the cap with the bottle neck
The bottle takes the cap directly from the canal chute. The snapping of the cap on the bottle neck is carried out through the pressure developed by a belt conveyor, provided with a system to adjust the force in order not to stress the bottle.
The electronic screw capper stands out because of its operating simplicity and precision.
  • The system doesn't require stars, mechanical clutches, or complex lifting mechanisms.
  • The closing torque can be set from touch screen; the vectorial frequency converter allows to manage it with high precision.
  • The handling parts to move the bottle in the machine are reduced to the minimum, so as the change-over downtimes.