5G/5L Market
Bardi aims to be the worldwide market leader in the industry of complete lines for water big containers (from 5Litres to 5 Gallons) and a point of reference for big and medium size bottlers in terms of quality and technical development.

Glass Bottle Washer Market
Bardi aims to consolidate its historical positioning on the market as supplier of high quality and reliable bottle washers, customized on the basis of any specific customer requirements, in terms of machine concept (single, double-end), dimension, washing cycle, bottle shape.

  • Quality and technical development of the product;
  • The highest level of service;
  • Consolidation of the partnership with the most important multinational Groups (NestlŔ, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Danone, etc.);
  • Worldwide coverage of the big and medium size independent bottlers, focusing on the market with fast growing economies, in particular Far East, East Europe and Latin America.